The Stuffed Animal Concert has been written for family concerts, for young and old alike, and especially for younger children. The stories involving live stuffed animals in the childrens’ room are to act as a bridge to an elementary musical experience already at an early age. The symphonic sound of a grand orchestra (corresponding versions for chamber orchestra or piano trio) are to motivate 'tomorrow’s concert-goers', but also adults who would not normally go to concerts, to attend concerts.

The Stuffed Animal Concert is a suite with da capo in the finale and is particularly suitable for festival concerts at Christmas, Easter etc.

Time of performance approx. 40 min.

particularly suitable for festival concerts

at Christmas, Easter etc.

Klaus Wüsthoff

(Stuffed Animal Concert Original text in German)

- The underlined sentences are cues for music entrances.

- The piano excerpt in the original German is the basis for translations in all languages. The numbers for the narrator sections serve to communicate between the narrator and the conductor/ensemble director who gives the entrances (from 1-56).

- Direct speech is in italics.

- The track numbers of the attached German and French demo cds are noted in the left margin in bold.

1. Overture

1 Oh! Someone just fell off their horse! It was me! The ride had started off as pleasantly as any other – first we walked, then trotted and finally galloped away. Suddenly my horse starting jumping about wildly, and plop, there I was on the ground. My horse didn’t even notice – it just kept on galloping, as happy as ever!


2 I get home. My parents aren’t there. I can hardly walk, bruises everywhere! I limp into my bedroom. That’s when something odd happens.

(horse neighs)

3 What was that? Who’s neighing?

(horse neighs)

4 It’s my stuffed horse! What in the world is going on with my stuffed animals?

2. Prelude (Melodrama)

5 They all stare at me tenderly and with a mixture of pity and horror. “What happened? Take a load off!” they say.

6 A wonderful, colorful world awaits you in your room,

where all your stuffed animals live.

7 We love to play any games you want,

every child loves us!

(try to say the animal names in time with the music as much as possible)

8 Rabbit, penguin and seal,

fox and horse and elephant

and turtle, monkey,

the squirrel is already so excited

and don’t forget the bear

and the colorful parrot.

Whatever we do, we do it with you!

9 In your very own room lives a zoo full of thrills,

It neighs and caws, trumpets and trills,

We animals are just like you, sometimes happy, sometimes blue.

You have no idea what all we’ve been through!

10 We can play something crazy, completely preposterous

Playing with stuffed animals, in all the world, the most splendoferous!

(Play prelude to the end)

Klaus Wüsthoff

Stuffed Animal Concert

for grand orchestra and narrator

Also available as versions for chamber orchestra or piano trio

Demo [recording] of the new version – not for sale

Berliner Symphoniker

Julie Dawson


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1. Overture - 2. Prelude - 3. Bear - 4. Fox - 5. Squirrel and Monkey

6. Turtle - 7. Seal and Penguin - 8. Parrot - 9. Horse

10. Rabbit - 11. Elephant (1) - 12. Beauty Contest

13. Monkey - 14. Elephant (2) - 15. Sequel

16. Coda Stretta - 17. Da Capo

Plays approx. 40:00 min.

* Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights)